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Surname First Name Date Church Headline
Blanchfield Patrick Tuesday, February 23, 1897 Mr. P. Blanchfield
Blanchfield Mary Saturday, June 24, 1905 Mrs. Owen McCartin
Blanchfield James E. Thursday, December 13, 1917 Late James E. Blanchfield
Blanchfield John Saturday, October 18, 1924 John Blanchfield
Blanchfield Leo Wednesday, October 29, 1930 Leo Blanchfield is Mourned by Many
Blanchfield Charles Saturday, July 17, 1937 Charles Blanchfield
Blanchfield Joseph Gordon Friday, October 6, 1939 J. G. Blanchfield, C.P.R. Agent, Dies
Blanchfield Catherine Tuesday, June 18, 1940 Miss C. Blanchfield
Blanchfield John Joseph Tuesday, June 5, 1945 J. J. Blanchfield Dies at Age 90
Blanchfield John R. Saturday, March 4, 1950 John R. Blanchfield of Osgoode Dies
Blanchfleld Ellen Thursday, September 28, 1939 Mrs. P. Dewan Dies at Osgoode
Brennan Bridget Ethel Wednesday, April 24, 1912 St. John Mrs. Jos. Blanchfield
Brennan Gordon Joseph Wednesday, December 9, 1931 Funeral of G. Brennan
Buckels Mary A. Thursday, January 5, 1933 Mrs. M. McEvoy Dies in 83rd Year
Cangley Mary Ann Friday, August 6, 1920 Miss M. A. Cangley
Cleland Hugh Sunday, October 14, 1945 Former Osgoode Postmaster Dies
Daley Terrance Thursday, June 10, 1920 Terrance Daley
Daley Ellen Saturday, October 8, 1932 St. John Burns Result in Death Of Miss Ellen Dale...
Daley Ellen Tuesday, October 11, 1932 Funeral of Miss Daley
Daley Mary Wednesday, October 17, 1934 St. John Mrs. Philip McEvoy Dies At Her Home in O...
Daley Mary Louisa Thursday, October 18, 1934 Mrs. Philip McEvoy
Daley Joseph John Monday, August 14, 1939 Joseph John Daley
Daley Theresa Florence Monday, May 25, 1942 Mrs. John Kelly Dies Suddenly at Osgoode
Daley Peter Monday, May 17, 1943 Pioneer of Osgoode, Peter Daley, Buried
Daley Thomas Sunday, May 30, 1948 St. John Thomas Patrick Daley
Devereaux John Friday, August 20, 1943 John Devereaux Dies After Brief Illness
Devereaux John Monday, August 23, 1943 John Devereaux
Dewan Patrick Thursday, March 15, 1906 Mr. Patrick Dewan
Dewan Thomas Joseph Wednesday, January 22, 1919 Mr. T. J. Dewan
Dewan Thomas Joseph Saturday, January 25, 1919 Dewan