A Jubilee Picnic

Friday, June 11, 1897
Big Event Arranged to Take Place in Osgoode Next Week

Next Thursday will be a red letter day with the residents of Osgoode.

The members of Rev. Father McCauley's parish intend holding a monster jubilee picnic on that date, in the grove of Mr. Thomas Herbert, on the Prescott road, and if those who attend do not enjoy themselves it will not be through any fault of the committee in charge.

A splendid programme of sports has been provided, including 100 dash, amateur, first, second and third class; 222 yards dash, amateur, first, second class; high and broad jumps. putting 16 lb. shot and the hop, step and jump.

The events promise to be very closely contested, as entries have been received from Metcalfe, Manotick, North Gower and Kemptville, and from the Ottawa and McGill colleges.

There will be speeches during the afternoon, when it is expected the following gentlemen will give addresses: Messrs. W. C. Edwards, M.P., N. A. Belcourt, M.P., M. K. Dickenson, ex-M.P., G. L. Dickenson, ex-M. P., Geo. O'Keefe, M.P.P, P. Baskerville. ex-M.P.P., E. N. Hurtubise, J. L. Dowling, M. J. Gorman and Charles Murphy.

Music will be furnished by Valentine's orchestra, the Metcalfe silver band, and by Pipe Major T. Richardson of the Caledonian Society.

As the road out to the grove is in splendid condition. It is expected a large number of bicyclists will ride out from here. The distance is about 15 miles.

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