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AN Osgoode Pic-Nic

Thursday, June 18, 1896
The Ottawa Journal June 18th 1896

Rev. Father McCauley's pic-nic at Osgoode yesterday in aid of the Dawson Catholic church was attended by about six hundred people. Mr. C. Murphy of this city gave an address. Following him were political addresses by the political candidates, W. C. Edwards and E. N. Hurtubise.

The Ottawa Journal

The Contest in Russell

Monday, June 22, 1896
The Ottawa Journal June 22nd 1896

The political contest in Russell is waxing warm. A big Catholic picnic was held in Osgoode township yesterday, and an array of speakers on each side were present. However, only Mr. Edwards and Mr. Hurtubise were alowed to speak. Both were given a good hearing

The Ottawa Journal


Osgoode Station

Friday, June 11, 1897
The Ottawa Journal June 11th 1897

St. John's church Dawson, intends treating the young folk to another pic-nic this year on June 17th.

The Ottawa Journal

A Jubilee Picnic

Friday, June 11, 1897
The Ottawa Journal June 11th 1897
The Ottawa Journal June 11th 1897 part 2
The Ottawa Journal June 11th 1897 part 3
The Ottawa Journal June 11th 1897 part 4
Big Event Arranged to Take Place in Osgoode Next Week

Next Thursday will be a red letter day with the residents of Osgoode.

The members of Rev. Father McCauley's parish intend holding a monster jubilee picnic on that date, in the grove of Mr. Thomas Herbert, on the Prescott road, and if those who attend do not enjoy themselves it will not be through any fault of the committee in charge.

A splendid programme of sports has been provided, including 100 dash, amateur, first, second and third class; 222 yards dash, amateur, first, second class; high and broad jumps. putting 16 lb. shot and the hop, step and jump.

The events promise to be very closely contested, as entries have been received from Metcalfe, Manotick, North Gower and Kemptville, and from the Ottawa and McGill colleges.

There will be speeches during the afternoon, when it is expected the following gentlemen will give addresses: Messrs. W. C. Edwards, M.P., N. A. Belcourt, M.P., M. K. Dickenson, ex-M.P., G. L. Dickenson, ex-M. P., Geo. O'Keefe, M.P.P, P. Baskerville. ex-M.P.P., E. N. Hurtubise, J. L. Dowling, M. J. Gorman and Charles Murphy.

Music will be furnished by Valentine's orchestra, the Metcalfe silver band, and by Pipe Major T. Richardson of the Caledonian Society.

As the road out to the grove is in splendid condition. It is expected a large number of bicyclists will ride out from here. The distance is about 15 miles.

The Ottawa Journal

Special Jubilee Church Service Held.

Thursday, June 24, 1897
The Ottawa Journal June 24th 1897

June 23. -- The picnic given by Rev. McCauley on the 17th inst., in Herbert's grove was a success finacially and otherwize. So also was the social the following evening in the same grove.

Rev. Clayton gave a very interesting address to a large audience in St. Paul's church on the life of the Queen, last Sunday. A special jubilee service was held that day.

The volunteers are home again after two weeks drill.

The Ottawa Journal


Social Time at Osgoode

Monday, June 12, 1905
The Ottawa Journal June 12th 1905
The Ottawa Journal June 12th 1905 part 2
Happy Gathering at a Party in Aid of Dawson Catholic Church

The Social recently held at the residence of Mr. John O'Callaghan, Osgoode, in aid of the Dawson Catholic church, of which Rev. W. T. McCauley is pastor, proved a most successful and enjoyable event in every way.

The night was a perfect one for out door amusements, and the crowd in attendance was composed of equal numbers of Catholics and Protestants, which shows that the community is very amiable and sociable.

Miss Esther O'Connor was the winner of the valuable quilt raffled on the occasion, her ticket, No. 760, being the one drawn from the basket by little Miss Mary McEwen, daughter of Mr. Thos. McEwen.

After the supper, which was a rather sumptuous affair, and excellently served, the pastor delivered a short lecture on the needs of society. In the course of his remarks, Rev. Father McCauley emphasized the desirability of tolerance, friendship, culture, refinement and loyalty and obedience to authority.

The large gathering listened with flattering wrapt attention. The Rev. lecturer was proud to say that all the things he emphasized were fast becoming the personal qualities and property of the people of North Gower.

The people of the parish with the pastor, keenly appreciated the generosity of their non-Catholic friends in attending in such large numbers to patronize the social.

The Ottawa Journal


Annual Picnic

Sunday, July 14, 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 14th 1918

The Annual Picnic of St. John's Church, Osgoode, Ont., will be held on Saturday. July 27th, at McEvoy's Grove. There will be a full program of sports for young and old. Busses and automobiles will leave the corner of Bank and Sunnyside avenue, for the convenience of Ottawa visitors, every hour from 12 p.m., July 27th.

The Ottawa Journal

Baby Show at Osgoode Picnic

Friday, July 26, 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1918
Rev. Frank Corkery Has Planned Many Features for Event.

Three Ottawa parishes with which Rev. Frank Corkery, now parish priest of Osgoode has been popularly Identified — St Brigid’s, the Blessed Sacrament Church at the Glebe, and St. Joseph’s — will send large contingents to his picnic on Saturday in Osgoode, near Greely’s Corners.

Mr. R. H. Millson of Ottawa, who is the Architect of the new St. John’s Church, in Osgoode, expects the imposing edifice now in course, of construction, to be ready for service this fall. St. John’s is one of the pioneer parishes of the Ottawa district and dats back to the day of By Town and Bishop Guigues.

Dr. Leech, Dr. Byres and Dr. Howard, of Ottawa, have consented to act as judges at the Osgoode Baby Show, which is a feature at Father Frank Corkery’s annual picnic in McEvoy’s grove on Saturday. Mrs. Millson and the Misses Laderoute will conduct the ladies fancy work auction. Several returned soldiers who were college friends of the Osgoode pastor, and his two brothers who are still in the uniform, will direct the athletic sports.

The Ottawa Journal

Postponed Picnic

Monday, July 29, 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 29th 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 29th 1918
The Ottawa Journal July 29th 1918
Only Half Programme Carried Out at Osgoode

The annual picnic of St. John's Church of Osgoode took place on Saturday afternoon at McEvoy's Grove at Osgoode. Despite the fact the rain fell several times during the afternoon, nearly 1,500 people attended. Only half of the programme was completed owing to the rain, and it is the intention of Rev. Father Corkery to rearrange the programme and hold the picnic again for the benefit of his parish.

However, the Knights of Columbus Minstrels made up for the part of the programme which was canceiled and gave over an hour's performance to the large crowd. Their new jokes and songs appealed to the spectators, and they drew much applause. The baseball game, the baby show and several other events were cancelled owing to the rain, but the other results were:

Standing broad jump -- 1, E. Evaire; 2, Cunningham.
Running broad jump, 1, G. Willis; 2, F. Terrany.
100 Yard dash, 1, G. Willis and E. Evaire tied.
220 Yard dash, 1, G. Willis; 2, E. Evaire.
High jump, 1, Cunningham; 2, E. Evaire.

Father Corkery was in charge of the programme, while M. M. O'Connel was in charge of the sports.


The Ottawa Journal


Two are Injured on way to Picnic

Monday, July 21, 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hoolihan Thrown From Buggy.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Hoolihan, of Jockvale, were both painfully Injured on the River road, Osgoode, Saturday afternoon, while on their way to Father Corkery’s picnic at Bray’s Crossing. They were driving in a buggy about a mile south of Manotick when the sudden appearance of an automobile on the top of a steep hill frightened their horse. The animal became unmanageable and both occupants of the rig were thrown out, sustaining severe injuries to their head and faces. Mrs. Hoolihan was severely injured, requiring medical attention. She is recovering. The buggy was wrecked and the horse badly cut.

The Ottawa Journal