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St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919


An Interesting Move Inaugurated in Osgoode

Wednesday, April 19, 1899
The Ottawa Journal April 19th 1899
The Ottawa Journal April 19th 1899 part 2
The Ottawa Journal April 19th 1899 part 3
Rev. Father McCauley Formerly of St. Patrick's Church, Introduces New Temperance Effort.

A new scheme for the furtherance of temperance has been originated in an anti-treating pledge. The taking of the pledge was last Sunday introduced for the first time by Rev. Father McCauley, of Osgoode formerly of St. Patrick's here), when one-half his congregation signed the pledge. The pledge has been praised on all sides in the district, and will, it is said be rapidly adopted by the Protestant temperance people of the district.

The Ottawa Journal

Anti-treating Pledge

Wednesday, April 26, 1899
The Ottawa Journal April 26th 1899

The anti-treating temperance movement inaugurated by Rev. Father McCauley of Osgoode is rapidly spreading through the parish of Osgoode. Last Sunday Father McCauley administered the pledge to the congregation at the River Mission. The members of Manotick Court. Catholic Order of Foresters, have all taken the anti-treating pledge.

The Ottawa Journal

Dawson News

Friday, July 28, 1899
The Ottawa Journal July 28th 1899

A meeting of the gentlemen of this parish was held last evening for the purpose of arranging for a library Rev. Father McCauley purposes starting in the near future. The following gentlemen were appointed to canvas for subscribers: Mr. Ed. Mackay, Mr. John Shields Mr. Thomas Daley and Mr. T. P Deverix.

The Ottawa Journal

Reading For The Parishioners

Friday, August 18, 1899
The Ottawa Journal Aug 18th 1899

Rev. Father McCauley, parish priest of Osgoode, has established a fine library in connection with his parish. This is greatly appreciated by the people of the locality.

The Ottawa Journal

Temperance Hall At Dawson

Saturday, December 23, 1899
The Ottawa Journal 23 Dec 1899
The Ottawa Journal 23 Dec 1899 part 2

The opening of St. John's Temperance Hall at Dawson, Osgoode, will be marked with a concert on the evening of Tuesday, January 16th. The entertainment promises to be one of first class nature. An excellent programme has been gotten up by Rev. Father W. T. McCauley, parish priest of Dawson, formerly assistant parish priest at St. Patrick's church, Ottawa. Among the list of entertainers are the Gorman brothers, Pete and Jerry of Ottawa, Irish comedians and champion stepdancers. The entertainment will be carried out under the direction of the Gorman brothers. The drawing for tickets in the tombola in connection with the concert will be held at the hall on Wednesday, December 27th, at 1 p.m.

The temperance hall which was recently erected, was built through the efforts of Father McCauly and the generosity of the people of the neighborhood. It is quite a large building.

The Ottawa Journal


Won a 1,000 Mile Ticket

Wednesday, January 10, 1900
The Ottawa Journal January 1st 1900

In the recent drawing for prizes in the tombola in aid of St. John's Temperance Hall, in Dawson, Osgoode, the capital prize, a 1,000-mile ticket over the Canada Atlantic Railway, was won by James O'Rourke of Osgoode. The other prize-winners were as follows: C. Dineen, J. M. McEvoy, John Tobin and Thomas Grant.

The concert in aid of the hall, which is to be held on Tuesday next, January 16th, promises to be a successful affair. Already over half the seats in the hall have been taken for the occasion.

The Ottawa Journal

Concert At Osgoode

Saturday, January 20, 1900
The Ottawa Journal January 20th 1900

A considerable amount of Ottawa talent took part in a concert at Dawson, Osgoode. Tuesday evening in aid of St. John's Temperance Hall, recently erected in that place. Messrs. P. and J. Gorman, W. Wall, E. Jones, from this city appeared on the programme, and J. Riel of Manotick, and C. O'Neil of Kemptville also contributed to the pleasure of the affair. The concert was organized by Rev. Father W. T. McCauley, parish priest of Dawson. There was a large number of people of all denominations present

The Ottawa Journal

Temperance Concert

Monday, December 31, 1900
The Ottawa Journal December 31st 1900

The young men of St. John's parish, Osgoode, of which Rev. Father McCauley is parish priest, have arranged to hold a concert and euchre party in St. John's Temperance Hall, Osgoode, in the course of a few days.

The Ottawa Journal


Social Time at Osgoode

Monday, June 12, 1905
The Ottawa Journal June 12th 1905
The Ottawa Journal June 12th 1905 part 2
Happy Gathering at a Party in Aid of Dawson Catholic Church

The Social recently held at the residence of Mr. John O'Callaghan, Osgoode, in aid of the Dawson Catholic church, of which Rev. W. T. McCauley is pastor, proved a most successful and enjoyable event in every way.

The night was a perfect one for out door amusements, and the crowd in attendance was composed of equal numbers of Catholics and Protestants, which shows that the community is very amiable and sociable.

Miss Esther O'Connor was the winner of the valuable quilt raffled on the occasion, her ticket, No. 760, being the one drawn from the basket by little Miss Mary McEwen, daughter of Mr. Thos. McEwen.

After the supper, which was a rather sumptuous affair, and excellently served, the pastor delivered a short lecture on the needs of society. In the course of his remarks, Rev. Father McCauley emphasized the desirability of tolerance, friendship, culture, refinement and loyalty and obedience to authority.

The large gathering listened with flattering wrapt attention. The Rev. lecturer was proud to say that all the things he emphasized were fast becoming the personal qualities and property of the people of North Gower.

The people of the parish with the pastor, keenly appreciated the generosity of their non-Catholic friends in attending in such large numbers to patronize the social.

The Ottawa Journal



Wednesday, December 4, 1907
The Ottawa Journal December 4th 1907

A drawing in aid of the building fund of St John's Roman Catholic Church. South Osgoode, was recently held. Among the prizes were a cow and a set of harness which were won by Provost and Allard and R. J. Devlin respectively.

The committee in charge was com posed of Rev. Father McCauley and Messrs, M. Daly, J. Herbert, P. McEvoy and T. Daly.

Arrangements are being made for the holding of a bazaar shortly after Christmas. A musical programme will be given each evening and the tickets are already being sold. The proceeds will be expended on the erection of a new presbytery.

The Ottawa Journal