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St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919
St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919


Bessing of the church

Sunday, September 29, 1918
Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967 for St. John the Evangelist

On the 29th day of September in the year One thousand nine hundred and eighteen, We the undersigned Viscar General have blessed with the prescribed solemnities the new parochial church of St. John the Evangelist, said church built of stone is 105 feet long and 42 feet wide and 38 feet high. The plans were drawn by Millson & Burgess architects, the stone work was done by James Moore, the carpenter work by Mr. Joseph Meagher, the trustees were J. O'Callaghan, Michael Herbert and J. Deverix the first Mass was sung by Mgr. Routhier Vicar General.

Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967


Parish of Osgoode Honors Veterans

Thursday, June 26, 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1919 part 1
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1919 part 2
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1919 part 3
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1919 part 4
The Ottawa Journal July 26th 1919 part 5
Twenty-five Are Presented With Lockets.

Twenty-five war veterans from Osgoode Parish were presented with gold lockets, suitably engraved, and Canadian flags in St. John's Church Hall this week. The presentation and address were made by Rev. Father Frank Corkery, parish priest and witnessed by a large gathering of parishioners.

Father Corkery spoke of the sacrifices the men had made in leaving their homes to defend the honor and very existence of their country. The men, he said, were aware of the dangers which were ahead, but their love of country gave them that patriotic impulse which resulted in their willingness to sacrifice all rather than see the country pass to foreign hands.


The Ottawa Journal

Picnic at Osgoode

Wednesday, July 16, 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 16th 1919

Father Corkery's annual picnic under the auspices of St. John's Church of Osgoode will be held on Saturday afternoon at Osgoode. A big programme of sports have been arranged and the picnic will likely prove a huge success. Running, paddling, baseball and several other kinds of sports are included on the programme and a large number of athletes from Ottawa will likely take part in the events.

The Ottawa Journal

Two are Injured on way to Picnic

Monday, July 21, 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hoolihan Thrown From Buggy.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Hoolihan, of Jockvale, were both painfully Injured on the River road, Osgoode, Saturday afternoon, while on their way to Father Corkery’s picnic at Bray’s Crossing. They were driving in a buggy about a mile south of Manotick when the sudden appearance of an automobile on the top of a steep hill frightened their horse. The animal became unmanageable and both occupants of the rig were thrown out, sustaining severe injuries to their head and faces. Mrs. Hoolihan was severely injured, requiring medical attention. She is recovering. The buggy was wrecked and the horse badly cut.

The Ottawa Journal

Osgoode Picnic is Great Success

Monday, July 21, 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
The Ottawa Journal July 21st 1919
Evraire Stars in Sporting Events; Large Crowd Present.

Favored by ideal weather the annual picnic in aid of St. John's parish. Osgoode, held in Mr. William Doyle's grove. Rideau River Road, near Bray Crossing, was a conspicuous success. A record crowd for a picnic in the Ottawa district attended. It is estimated that about 5,000 persons were admitted to the grounds. The roads leading to the scene of activity were black with motor cars and rigs from long before noon.

Great Crowd.

So great was the crowd that before the day was over, refreshments ran out and many had to go hungry and thirsty.
Father Frank Corkery and the committee in charge, however, did their utmost to spread the supply over the large crowd.
The horse offered by Mr. T. McEvoy to the holder of the lucky entrance ticket was won by the donor, who later put it up for auction. It realized a substantial sum.
The sporting events were a feature of the afternoon, drawing competitors from Ottawa and the surrounding district. Ernie Evraire, of Ottawa, was one of the shining lights of the afternoon, but he had keen competition in all events from Tierney, Hoolihan and others. In a baseball game, Kenmore defeated Osgoode and later took on the Lansdowne’s of Ottawa. A dispute following a slugging bee started by the Ottawa nine ended the game, Kenmore leaving the field.

Race Results.
100 yards dash—1, Evraire; 2. Tierney; 3. Scroggie.
One mile race—1, Reynolds; 2, Gavin; 3. Tierney.
220 yards race—1. Evraire; 2, Tierney; 3, Reynolds.
Running high jump—1. Hoolhihan; 2, Cunningham; 3. Vllleneuve.
Running broad Jump—1. Pritchard; 2. Reynolds; 3, Tierney.
Standing broad Jump—1, MaGuire; 2. Tierney; S. Reynolds.
Putting the shot — 1. Foley; 2. A. A. Scobie; 3. M. Cunningham.
Junior swimming race—-1. Gerald Lowrey; 3. Arthur Rading; 3. Gerald Quinn.
Senior swimming race—1, Arthur Charbonneau: 2, Desmond O’Connell; 3. M. O’Connell.
Three-legged-race— J, M. and Bob Cunningham; 2. Gerald Quinn and Earl Wheeler.
Boys’ race—8 to 12 years—1, A. Quinn; 2. C. Saulton; 3. R. Shields.
Boys’ race—12 to 15 years—1, J. Stone; 2, G. Quinn.
Girls’ race—over 15 — D. Reynolds; 2. C. Ford; 3. Rocheleau.
The ball teams lined up as follows:
Kenmore: G. McLachlin. c.; D. McLachlin, p.; Henderson, lb.; Craig, 2b.; McLean, 3b.; Watson, s.s.; Whitelaw, f.f.; McRuer, c.f.; C. Daglish, l.f.
Oagoode: Ed. O'Brien.. c.; V. Chartrand, p.; W. Stackpole. lb.; B. Blanchfield.. 2b.; B. Dewan. 3b.; J. D. McEvoy. s.s.; E. Murphy, r.f.; F. Lemay, c.f.; L. Blanchfield, l.f.
Lansdowne (Ottawa): H. Paquette. c.; A. Smith, 1b.; King Clancy, c.f.; Al., Moran. s.s.; John Rading, l.f.; A. Charbonneau. r.f.; G. Stone. 2b.; O. Moran. 3b.; M. Cunningham, p.


The Ottawa Journal

Choir's Annual Outing

Monday, September 15, 1919
The Ottawa Journal September 15th 1919

The annual outing of the choir of Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church was held on Sunday at Osgoode. About 35 men and boy members of the choir left the city in motor cars for St. John's church, Osgoode, where the day was spent. In St. John's Church the choir Beautifully rendered "Marso's Mass in F.". under the leadership of Miss Benoit and Sydney Harris, organist and in the evening there was Benediction services. The Rev. Father Corkery, parish priest of Osgoode, entertained the choir to dinner and supper and they returned to Ottawa Sunday evening.


The Ottawa Journal


Entries Coming in for Osgoode Picnic

Wednesday, July 14, 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 14th 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 14th 1920 part 2
The Ottawa Journal July 14th 1920 part 3
Special Attractions Attract Record Number of Competitors.

Entries for the picnic at Osgoode to be held in aid of St. John's Church are pouring in to the committee. Particularly keen is the interest in the shot put, the pole vault and the childrens events. The spirints are going to bring out a record array of talent. The 100 yard and 220 dash and one mile run are expected to bring out the cream of Ottawa athletes.

The prizes which are being awarded are well worth competing for. The track has been laid on the turf and this will ensure protection against injuries to competitors. While the athletic events will be primary in importance they are not by any means the sole attraction. Everything that goes to make a picnic enjoyable will be offered. Side shows, dancing and the other attractive and compelling features will form part of the main entertainment.

Osgoode is famous for its successes of other years and judging by the pains being taken by Father Corkery and his associates this year will eclipse all former efforts.

The Knights of Columbus are going to send their strongest nine against their ancient rivals from Ottawa East. A special cup has been donated for this contest and it is possible that the Knights will have the services of Bill Skuce, the famous hurler of St. Pats, who has struck out 80 men in seven games. An orchestra has been provided and will dispence "jass" during the picnic. Different artistic booths, waited on by pretty girls, will be the dispensaries of favors. Special trains will convey people to and from the grounds.


The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa Athletes Win Many Prizes

Monday, July 19, 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920

Several well-known Ottawa athletes competed in the programme of sports in conection with the Qsgoode picnic on Saturday afternoon. Jack Roos of the St. Patrick's baseball team carried off premier honors in the high jump when he crossed the bar at 5 feet 1 1/2 inches. Roos made the jump in his street clothes, and in view of this fact his performance is remarkable. F. Tierney of Nepean captured all the honors in the sprints and half-mile events. J. Vileneuve won the pole vault, and L. Pritchard was first in the running broad jump.
The Ottawa East and Hull clubs of the Interprovincial League staged an interesting ball game, which was won by Harry Gravelle’s team by a score of 13 to 7. Features of the game were home runs by Rheaume and True of the Ottawa East team. When Rheaume hit his circuit drive there were two men on base, Walsh, who pitched for Hull, also laced out a three-bagger. The winning team received a handsome silver cup presented by Rev. Father Corkery.

Captain Ed. Archibald associate sports editor of The Journal, assisted by Tom Lowrey. M. M. O'Connell and M. J. O'Neill handled the athletic events in good style. The prizes donated for the various events ware exceptionally good. Ottawa athletes competing In the meet are loud in the praise of Tierney, the boy from Nepean who made such a splendid showing in many of the events. The results follow:

High jump—1, J. Roos; 2, L. Pritchard; 3, A. Gilhooley. 5 ft 1 1/2 in.
100 yds.—1, F. Tierney; 2, L. Pritchard, Time, 11 sec.
Pole vault—1, J. Vllleneuve; 2, A. Hoolshan.      
Running broad Jump—1. L. Pritchard; 2. A. Dubray; 3, F. Tierney. 19 ft 5 in.
220 Yards—1 F. Tierney; 2, F. Garvin. 25 seconds.
Half Mile—F. Tierney. F. Garvin. 2 minutes 15 seconds. / Starter, Capt. Ed. Archibald. Clerk of course. Tom Lowry.
Hull . . . . . . . .104 200 000 — 7
Ottawa East . . . . 003 110 08x - 13
  Batteries: Hull, Walsh, Fahey. Chouinard; Ottawa E., Smith, R. Lesage, True.
  Umpires: W. Mulligan F. Smith.

The Ottawa Journal

Parishes Give Car to Popular Prriest

Monday, July 19, 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920
The Ottawa Journal July 19th 1920
Osgoode Picnic Nets Large Sum On Saturday.

Rev. Frank Corkery. of Osgoode, has been given a handsome five passenger Dodge touring ear by his parishioners as a token of esteem and appreciation. Father Corkery administers to two churches. St. John’s, on the old Prescott road, and St. Bridget’s, on the Rideau River road. Residents of both parishes, among whom Father Corkery la decidedly popular, combined to give him the present. A committee of both churches waited upon him and formally made the gift.

In the course of his sermons to both congregations on Sunday, Father Corkery sincerely thanked the donors for their kindness, and assured them that the car would he used in the furtherance of their spiritual interests.
The priest also announced that at the annual picnic field at Doyle's Grove. Osgoode, $1,700 had been taken in. Despite counter attractions in Ottawa, and the threatening weather, several hundred from Ottawa attended the event, altogether a couple of thousand being present. An excellent programme of track and field sports was run off under the direction of Captain E. B Archibald, associate sports editor of The Journal.

The quality of the prizes presented, as well as the arrangements for the day were warmly praised by participants. A fine orchestra pervaded music for dancing, while many other attractions were provided also, among these being a flying exhibition, and speeches by representatives of the United Farmer movement.

Tombola Draw Wednesday.
The drawing for tombola prize takes place on Wednesday evening In St. John’s pariah hall at an entertainment bring held there.

The Ottawa Journal


Rev. Father P. Harris Mayo Parish Priest

Monday, July 25, 1921
Father Carleton, of Martindale, Going to Edmonton.

These changes are in addition to several that were announced at the Archbishop's Palace some time ago. The first list of changes included the removal of Rev. Father Gerald Gorman, curate of St. Patrick's Parish, to be acting parish priest of Osgoode, succeeding Rev. Father Frank Corkery, who will take up special studies in Rome. Father Gorman assumed his charge Sunday. In the course of his sermans he asked for the same co-operation from his parishioners that they had given Father Corkery. He was accorded a warm welcome.

The Ottawa Journal