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St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919


Osgoode Parish Has Excellent Concert

Friday, December 23, 1921
The Ottawa Journal December 23rd 1921 part 1
The Ottawa Journal December 23rd 1921 part 2
The Ottawa Journal December 23rd 1921 part 3
The Ottawa Journal December 23rd 1921 part 4
The Ottawa Journal December 23rd 1921 part 5
Large Audience Enjoys Christmas Entertainment

With a programme of exceptional merit and an audience that crowded the building to capacity, the Christmas concert in St. John's Parish Hall, Osgoode, was an unqualified success. Local talent assisted by a number of entertainers from Ottawa, presented a programme of such merit as to make the event the best of its kind held in the parish hall for several years.

The presentation of the "Christmas Carol" by members of St. John's parish was a treat. The portrayal of "Scrooge" by Mr. Bernard Dewan stamped the latter as an actor of ability, while the work of James Dewan and William Dewan, as "Bob Cratchit" and "Marley" respectively, was deserving of high prais. Lawrence Blanchfield made an acceptable "Fred" and as "Tiny Tim," Ethel Grant won scores of admirers. The interpretations of other roles by Miss Mary Cleland and William Dewan were up to the high standard set by their associates.

Misses Ida and Emma Chartrand and Mr. Velmer Chartrand, also of St. John's parish, in several musical numbers, were repeatedly sncored. Their numbers were a feature of the programme.

The dances of the Misses Marjorie and Leonora Walsh, of Ottawa, were performed with skill and grace and were very pleasing. Miss Gladys Walsh and Miss Peggy McLean were heard to advantage in several appropriate songs. Miss Margaret Lyons acted as accompanist in a most satisfactory manner.

A one-act playlet by the St. Patrick's Dramatic and Social Club, Ottawa, was enthusiastically received. Those taking part were Messrs. C. Foran, L. Perkins, G. Berrigan, G. McLewin, P. Perkins, G. Raganold, O'Connor, E. Fermoyle, J. Byrne, B. Mulroy and J. Armstrong.

Arrangements for the concert were supervised by Rev. Gerald Gorrman, rector of St. John's Church.


The Ottawa Journal


Osgoode Picnic civic Holiday

Friday, August 4, 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 4th 1922

The Osgoode annual picnic in real counry style, which will take place Monday, August 7, at Doyle's Grove above Long Island on the picturesque Rideau river, promises to excel in every way the successful events of previous years.

For swimming, rare country air and scenic effects the location is ideal and will be a treat to tired city folks. A sports programme looks promising for those interested in athletes and athletics, while Tippins orchestra is garanteed to make maerry every moment of the day.

A great deal has been said of home cooking but the cooking of the best devotees of this art will be served on the grounds in genuine country picnic style at all hours.

Come by train and our free busses will meet you, or motor out the Bowesville Road and Prescott Highway, markers at every turn.


The Ottawa Journal

Heavy Downpour Spoils Holiday

Tuesday, August 8, 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 8th 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 8th 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 8th 1922
Rain Mars Many Outings Planned for Civic Holiday.

Bayswater picnic to St. Mary's Grove had to be cancelled as well as Osgoode picnic and others.

The Ottawa Journal

Osgoode Annual Picnic

Wednesday, August 9, 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 9th 1922

Come to a real country picnic Saturday, August 12th Osgoode Annual Picnic Doyle's Grove, Rideau River, Above Long Island. Programme of Sports. Excellent Orchestra. Meals Served on Grounds at All Hours.

The Ottawa Journal

Show Appreciation Fr. Gorman's Work

Monday, August 14, 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 14th 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 14th 1922
St. John’s Parishioners Present Him With Address and Purse.

A pleasing ceremony took place in St. John's Parish. Osgoode. yesterday when, immediately after the celebration of mass by Rev. Ernest Bambrlck, an illuminated address and a substantial purse were presented to Rev. G. H Gorman, who has been in charge of the parish  for the past year during the absence of Rev. Frank Corkery, parish priest.

Father Corkery praised the manner in which Father Gorman had conducted services and other church activities during the 12 months. He had organized a Tabernacle Society at St. Brigid’s Mission, a section of the parish, and various other details had been carried out highly satisfactorily. There had been evidences, as well, of whole-hearted co-operation and support on the part of the parishioners.
Following these remarks. Miss Myrtle Allan of Peterboro read the address to Father Gorman and presented it to him, after which Miss lrene Grant presented him with the special sum of money which had been subscribed. Father Gorman, who replied with much feeling, thanked the congregation for its marked loyalty and co-operation. He felt keen regret at leaving Osgoode and if he had been successful in ministering to the parishioners he had only been carrying out his duty as a priest.
Father Corkery took advantage of the occasion to thank all those who had rendered assistance in staging the picnic of the previous day. Father Corkery also thanked The Journal particularly for assistance rendered in running off the sports programme.

The church was crowded and the many people at the service were deeply moved over the fare well presentation to Father Gorman. The latter is leaving today for a short trip to Western Ontario. The women of the parish as well as the communicants at St. Brigid’s mission had previously shown material appreciation of their regard for Father Gorman by handsome presentations. Father Gorman was formerly a curate at St. Patrick's Church, Ottawa.


The Ottawa Journal

Picnic At Osgoode Is Marked Success

Monday, August 14, 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 22nd 1922
The Ottawa Journal August 22nd 1922 part 2
The Ottawa Journal August 22nd 1922 part 3
The Ottawa Journal August 22nd 1922 part 4
The Ottawa Journal August 22nd 1922 part 5
Excellent Programme of Sports At Doyle's Grove.

Despite many counter-attractions a splendid crowd attended the annual Osgoode Picnic at Doyle's Grove. Prescott road, Saturday afternoon when a lively programme of sports and a bazaar were conducted in aid of the building fund of St. John's Church, Osgoode, of which Rev. Frank Corkery is the parish priest. He was ably assisted in the supervision of the work by Rev. G. H. Gorman, who had been in charge of the parish suring the past year, and Rev. F. Tierney, who had direct charge of the athletic events. Many picnickers motored out from the city and others traveled by automobile, rig and train for many miles in order to participate in the enjoyable event, with the result that a substantial sum was realized for the church.

A number of prominent athletes of Ottawa took part in the competitions, the winner of the all-round championship being Charlie Summers. Dancing, which was free to all, was enjoyed by the many young people until dusk, an excellent orchestra and a fine floor making conditions ideal for this feature. Meals were served in true country picnic style, the dense growth of trees affording ahelter from the heat of the sun.

The result of the sports: Running broad jump -- 1, Ed. McLaughlin, Ottawa Police; 2, A. Houlahan: height 5 feet, 2 inches. Runing broad jump -- 1, Ed. McLaughlin, 20 feet 8 inches; 2, Leo McCaffrey, 19 feet, 7 inches. 16-lb. shot ptu -- 1, M. Watters, 34 feet 2 inches; 2, Leo McCaffrey, 31 feet 1 inch. 100-yards, open -- 1, Leo McCaffrey; 2, C. Summers; 3, Ed. McLaughlin. Hop, step and jump -- 1, Charles Summers, 42 feet 3 1-2 inches; 2, Ed. McLaughlin, 41 feet, 2 inches. 220-yard dash, open -- 1, C. Summers; 2, Leo McCaffrey. Boot race -- 1, C. Summers; 2, A. Patterson; 3, Tourangeau. Potato race -- 1, Leo McCaffrey; 2, C. Summers; 3, Tourangeau. Wheelbarrow race -- Summers and McCaffrey; 2, Patterson and Tourangeau.

Officials in charge of the sports included Rev. F. Tierney, W. M. Gladish, of the Journal Newspapers, Ed. Mahoney and others.


The Ottawa Journal


Picnic For Church Is Well Attended

Tuesday, August 7, 1923
The Ottawa Journal August 7th 1923
The Ottawa Journal August 7th 1923 part 2
The Ottawa Journal August 7th 1923 part 3
The Ottawa Journal August 7th 1923 part 4
Fine Crowd At William Doyle's Grove, Near Osgoode.

The annual picnic at William Doyle's Grove in aid of St. John's Church, Osgoode, was a very successful event, several thousand people, including many visitors from Ottawa and elsewhere as well as many parishioners and others attending the interesting affair. The athletic event aroused far more enthusiasm than those which were staged last year and there were particularly large entries for the children's competitions. Many people spent a delightful time as spectators of the special baseball game which was a feature of the programme, The Osgoode nine won from Prescott road team in an evenly contested encounter by the score of 10 to 6.

While the hundreds of people were engaged in watching of taking part in the athletic contests or the ball match, many others listened in comfort to the band concert which was rendered during the afternoon by the North Gower Band. Numerous picnickers visited the various refreshment, candy and ladies' work booths in the grove. The picnic was conducted under the direction of Rev. Frank Corkery, P.P., who mingled in the happy throng throughout the day. Other priests who attended the Outing included Rev. M. Gorman, Metcalfe; Rev. George Prudhomme, South Glouchester, and Rev. P. C. Harris, of Mayo Quebec.

A distinct feature of the programme was a popularity contest which was eventually won by Miss Grant, of Osgoode. The married men's race for local residents, the prize for which was 100 pounds of flour, drew many entries and the winner was G. A. Nash.

Outside officials had charge of the athletic portion of the programme and the events were run off before five o'clock. Capt. Alex Potvin, of the Ottawa Fire Department, T. G. Lowrey and L. D. Boston acted as judges and scores while W. M. Gladish, of The Ottawa Journal, officiated as starter. The prizes were presented by Rev. Father Corkery immediately after the competitions were concluded.

The results:
100 yards, boys 14 and under -- 1, Ernie Evraire. Jr.; 2, Reg. Shields; 3, Justin O'Leary.
50 yards, boys -- 1, Reg. Shields; 2, Ernie Evraire, Jr.; 3, William Eggins; 4, Billy Evraire.
Small boys race -- 1, Kenneth McEvoy; 2, Jack Flynn; 3, Richard McEvoy.
100 yards, girls 15 and under -- 1, Patty Burton; 2, Beatrice Clelland; 3, Phoebe Wilkes.
Small girls race -- 1, Margaret Clark; 2, Eileen Casey; 3, Phyllis Ardiey.
50 yards, girls race -- 1. Patty Burton; 2, Bessie Clark; 3, Estelle Wilkes.
Girls Potato race -- 1, Loretta Cleland; 2, M. Lowrey; 3. Beatrice Clelland.
Girl's relay race, Osgoode vs. North Gower -- Won by North Gower team comprising Mary Rocheleau, Laura Rocheleau and Christine O'Connor.
Standing broad jump, boys -- 1, Ernie Evrarie, Jr.; 2, Reg. Shields; 3, Wm. Eggins; 4, Gerald Fosding.
Running high jump, boys -- 1, J. O'Leary; 2, K. O'Callaghan; 3, Wm. Eggins; 4, Arnold Kelly.
100 yards open -- 1, Ernie Evrarie; 2, James Gittens; 3, J. Duval.
220 yards open -- 1, Ernie Evrarie; 2, James Gittens; 3, J. Duval.
440 yards open -- 1, Ernie Evrarie; 2, James Gittens; 3, J. Duval.
Standing broad jump -- 1, Ernie Evrarie; 2, J. Duval; 3, James Gittens.
Standing high jump -- 1, J. Duval; 2, Ernie Evrarie; 3, James Gittens.
Pole Vault -- J. Duval.
100 yards, married men -- 1, G. A. Nash; 2, Eddie McEvoy; 3, E. H. Rolston.


The Ottawa Journal

Make Many Changes in Catholic Parishes

Saturday, September 8, 1923
The Ottawa Journal September 8th 1923
Fathers Harris, Ainsborough, and Armstrong Transferred.

About 20 important changes in the allotment of priests in the archdiocese of Ottawa are contemplated as follows:

Father John Ainsborough, who has been at Cantley, Que., for the past three years, is to be transferred to Osgoode, succeeding Father Corkery, who goes to Gloucester to succeed Father Prudhomme. Father Austin Stanton, at present parish priest at Huntley, will succeed Father Ainsborough at Cantley.
Father Albert Armstrong, curate at St. Patrick’s Church, Ottawa, will become parish priest at Mayo, Que.
Father P. C. Harris, now parish priest at Mayo and former curate at Blessed Sacrament parish, will become parish priest at Huntley.
Father J. E. Brennan and Father Cody, recently ordained and up till the present unattached to any parish, are appointed curates to St. Patrick's parish.

The Ottawa Journal

Appreciate His Work

Wednesday, October 3, 1923
The Ottawa Journal October 3rd 1923

Father Frank Corkery parish priest at South Gloucester, formerly of Osgoode parish, was presented on Sunday last with an electric percolator and silver service by his former parishioners, in appreciation of his excellent work in their district. The presentation was made at his new rectory, and the gifts were presented by Miss Allen, school teacher at South Osgoode.

The Ottawa Journal


Irish Programme At Osgoode Parish

Tuesday, March 18, 1924
The Ottawa Journal March 18th 1924
The Ottawa Journal March 18th 1924 part 2
The Ottawa Journal March 18th 1924 part 3

A delightful Irish comedy was staged at St. John's Parish Hall, Osgoode, by local talent on St. Patrick's night. The play presented was "Kathleen Mavourneen" and the big audience which completely filled the hall gave the various actors a splendid reception.

The parts were all well taken and the Misses Alma MacGillivray and Myrtle Allen in the chief female characters. David's daughter and the squire's sister, acted with a charm and finish seldom seen outside of metropolitan centres. Terence O'Moore, the leading man's role, was filled in a most creditable manner by Mr. William Dewan. The other members of the cast maintained the high standard set by the principals. Those taking part in the play were the Misses Alma MacGillvray, Myrtle Allen, Emma Dewan, and Messrs James, William and Bernard Dewan. Michael Murphy, Raymond Herbert and William Wakeling.

Mrs. W. H. Foran of Ottawa, delighted the audience with several song and dance numbers, and the artistry of both her vocal and stepping efforts met with enthusiastic apprecintion.

Not the least pleasing feature of the entertainment was the talented playing of the orchestra, which included Miss Kaye Muir and Messrs G. Belot and W. Wakeling.


The Ottawa Journal