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St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919
St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919


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Tuesday, August 14, 1934
The Ottawa Journal August 14th 1934

Lawn social, Wednesday, August 15, at Osgoode, via old Prescott Road. Free O.E.R. bus service at 8 p.m. D.S.T. from corner of Lyon and Wellington streets. Chicken supper 35c at 8.30; games, booths, orchestra, etc, W. F. Tierney, P.P.


The Ottawa Journal

Bayswater Council In Service at Osgoode

Monday, October 22, 1934
The Ottawa Journal October 22nd 1934

More than 100 members of Bayswater Council, Knights of Columbus, journeyed in a fleet of about 20 automobiles, in the annual Columbus Day parade of the council, to Osgoode, Ont., on Sunday afternoon, and participated in a special service at St. John's Church, Osgoode, at 3 o'clock.

Rev. Father Francis Tierney, parish priest, greeted the Ottawa members, and at the service a special sermon was preached by Rev. Father Anthony McLean, O.M.I., of the staff of St. Patrick's Collage.

Following the service a banquet was served in the parish hall, with the ladies of the parish in charge of the catering, and a number of prominent members of the order gave addresses.

George Terry, grand knight of Bayswater Council, was chairman and speakers were, T. E. Brown, former state deputy for Ontario; L. A. Nevlns. past grand knight of Bayswater Council; M. W. Meloche. Vincent T. Kealey, Michael McCloskey. Rev. Father L. F. Enright and Rev. Father Tierney.

The Ottawa Journal


Father Tierney's Home Destroyed

Saturday, May 25, 1935
The Ottawa Journal May 25th 1935
Fire of Unknown Origin Causes $5,000 Damage Near Osgoode.

Fire which started in some unknown manner in outbuildings about 80 feet away spread to the presbytery of St. John's Roman Catholic Church, four miles out of the village of Osgoode yesterday, and although neighbors fought the flames valiantly, both presbytery and outbuildings were completely destroyed. The neighbors saved most of the contents. The loss will be about $5,000, covered by insurance.

Rev Father Tierney, parish priest and staff of the presbytery have found temporary home with friends near to the church.

The fire was first noticed in an outbuilding at five a.m., and a neighbor rushed to the presbytery, to warn the priest and others in the residence. By that time sparks had fallen on to the roof of the presbytery which soon began to burn rapidly. Efforts were concentrated on getting the contents out of the building.

The Ottawa Journal

Osgoode Parish Priest Loses Home By Fire

Saturday, May 25, 1935
The Ottawa Journal May 25th 1935

OSGOODE, Ont., May 25. -- A serious fire occurred near Osgoode on Friday morning. when the entire home and contents of Rev. W. F. Tierney, Parish priest of St. John's Catholic church, was destroyed.

The fire was first noticed in the garage about 5.30 a.m. and rapidly spread to the brick dwelling.

The Osgoode fire brigade was summoned but found it impossible to extinguish the flames on account of the great scarcity of water. Volunteer helpers hurried from Metcalfe and surrounding district but the fire had gained such headway, all efforts were in vain.

Due to damage to the line all telephone communications were cut off.

The los was estimated as around $5,000, including an automobile, which was badly damaged.

It is believed that the loss was partially covered by insurance.


The Ottawa Citizen

Presbytery Destroyed

Monday, May 27, 1935
The Montreal Gazette May 27th 1935
Residence of Priest Near Osgoode Village Razed

Ottawa, May 26. -- Fire which broke out around 9 o'clock Saturday morning destroyed the presbytery of St. John's Roman Catholic Church, five miles from Osgoode Village and 22 miles from Ottawa and rendered Father Frank Tierney, parish priest, homeless. Although residents of Osgoode Village and neighbors fought the flames for hours, the fire destroyed the presbytory and outbuildings and the total loss was $5,000, covered by insurance.

The Montreal Gazette

Blessing Is Held Osgoode Rectory

Monday, October 21, 1935
The Ottawa Journal October 21st 1935
Tea and Money Shower, Later Is Attended by Many

Many parishioners and Ottawa friends were present Sunday afternoon for the solemn blessing of St. John's parish rectory, Osgoode, The new building was erected under Rev. Father Frank Tierney, parish priest, and it replaced the rectory which was destroyed by fiew last May.

Monsignor Joseph Charbonneau, Vicar General, officiated, assisted by Rev. Father Tierney, Rev. Father George D. Prudhomme, and Rev. Father Francis Corkery. Other members of the clergy present included Rev. Father J. R. Smith, and Rev. Father A. Daley, Among the many Ottawa residents present was Mayor Nolan.

Following the blessing by Mgr. Charbonneau, a tea and money shower was held at the rectory. Conveners were the Miss Essie Shields, Mary Brennan, and Nita McDonald. Guests were received by Father Tierney, Mrs. J. Dewan, and Mrs. T. Kelly.

Those who poured tea were: Mrs. T. W. Asselin, Mrs. C. Dolan, Mrs. P. Devine, Mrs. P. J. Nolan, Mrs. L Davies, Miss Ishbel Hutton, Miss R. Rooney. Mrs. William Bambrick, Mrs. J. D. Larose, Mrs. Robert Devine, Mrs. J. A. MacCabe, Miss M. Mundy.

Assisting at the tea tables were the Misses Mildred Ralph, Phyllis McEvoy, Gertrude Cleland, Loretta Cleland, Mary Blanchfield, Ethel Grant, Eleanor Grody, Emma Dewan, Hilda Kenedy, Isabel Morel, Lillian Casey, Doris Casey. The Misses Gertrude Grant and Margaret Dewan received money contributions.

Among those who provided the delightful entertainment were Allan Martin, Herbert Hill, Miss Gladys Jones, Miss Mary Johnston, Miss Lillian Casey and Charles O'Reilly.


The Ottawa Journal


Rev. Wilfred Nevins Goes to Osgoode

Wednesday, August 28, 1940
The Ottawa Journal June 28th 1940

Rev. Wilfred N. Nevins, curate at St. George’s Church for the past seven years, has been transferred to St. John the Evangelist Church, Osgoode, replacing Rev. W. Frank Tierney, who has been moved to St Martin of Tours Church, Martindale, according to word received from the Archbishop’s Palace this morning.
Ordained in 1929, Father Nevins supplied at Pakenham for several months and later served as curate at St. Mary’s Church, Ottawa. In 1933 he was transferred to St. George’s Church.
Father Tierney, who was ordained in 1921, served as curate in both St Brigid's and St Mary’s parishes before going to Osgoode, where he has since been stationed as parish priest. Father Tierney will replace Rev. Leo Lesage, who has been appointed chaplain with the C.A.S.F.

The Ottawa Journal


Osgoode Lawn Social

Monday, August 11, 1941
The Ottawa Journal August 11th 1941

The annual lawn social sponsored by St. John's Church, Osgoode, was held Saturday evening on the church grounds. Dinner served in the parish hall and various games attracted a large attendance.
A local orchestra provided the music. Prizes were won by Mrs. K. Bennett, of Hamilton; C. M. Driscoll, Ottawa; Henry Nolan, Osgoode; Ellwood Cahill, Manotick, and Ralph Quinn, Bowesviile. Mrs. Joseph Turner, Osgoode and Miss M. Latremouille, St. Onge, won two quilts donated by members of the Catholic Women’s League of the parish.

The Ottawa Journal


Lawn Social Held In Aid of Church

Wednesday, August 16, 1944
The Ottawa Journal August 16th 1944

A successful lawn social was held August 5, in aid of St. John's Church, Prescott road. The following were the prize winners: $25 bond, Henry Nolanm Osgoode; $15 bond, Wilbert Brophy, Richmond; $10 bond, Mde. Leo Parker. 62 Beechwood avenue, Eastview. A handmade quilt was won by Aelred McGuire of Osgoode.


The Ottawa Journal


Catholic Women's League

Thursday, October 4, 1945
The Ottawa Journal October 4th 1945

The 22nd annual diocesan convention of the Catholic Women's League of Canada, Archdiocese of Ottawa, will be held at Osgoode, Ont., October 6 and 7, 1945. St. John's subdivision, Osgoode and St. Brigid's subdivision Manotick, will be hostesses. Formal opening, Saturday, October 6, 7.30 p.m. Convention mass, St. John's, Osgoode, at 9.00 a.m.. Sunday evening. Capt. the Rev P. C. Harris, P. P., St. Isidore's Church, South March, will be guest speaker at the convention dinner Sunday evening.

The Ottawa Journal