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St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919
St. John's church 1854-1855 - 1919


St. John's Annual Social

Monday, July 12, 1971
The Ottawa Journal July 12th 1971

St. John's Church, Osgoode, will hold its annual social Saturday, July 24 with entertainment following a turkey supper from 5-9 p.m.

The Ottawa Journal

St. John's CWL

Thursday, October 28, 1971
The Ottawa Journal October 28th 1971

St. John's CEL, Osgoode will hold their annual bazaar and smorgasbord at St. John's Parish Hall, Old Prescott Road, Osgoode on Saturday, Nov. 6 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Ottawa Journal


Annual Social

Saturday, July 15, 1972

The annual social at St. John's Church, Osgoode, Ont., will be held Seturday, July 22. A home cooked supper will be served from 5 to 9 p.m. followed by dancing with the Trilites.

The Ottawa Journal


St. John's Church Annual Social

Sunday, July 21, 1974
The Ottawa Journal July 21, 1974

St. John's Cjurch, Old Prescott Road, Osgoode, is holding its annual social, with supper ($3.75 adults, $1.50 children, also a family rate) from 5 to 8 p.m. and dancing from 8 p.m. to Jug o' Punch Orchestra. ($1 entrance to grounds after 8 p.m.)

The Ottawa Journal

Church of the week

Monday, September 2, 1974
The Ottawa Journal September 2nd 1974
The Ottawa Journal September 2nd 1974 part 2
The Ottawa Journal September 2nd 1974 part 3
The Ottawa Journal September 2nd 1974 part 4
St. John the Evangelist Church, Osgoode, Ontario

Before our modern, direct Prescott Highway, or Hwy. 16 was built, the Prescott Road was a continuation of Bank St., to about Greely, veering south-westerly past Osgoode. A section still known as the Old Prescott Road -- though unmarked -- runs south from the Town Line -- the road joining Manotick and Hwy. 31.

It is on this old Prescott Road, opened in 1844, that this week's St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church may be found.

First built in 1855, the structure was of wood and was situated in the present cemetery.

In 1870-78, some records speak of a parish priest whose name was Aeneas McDonell Dawson, and of a post office "Dawson" -- the church then "St. John's of Dawson." When the present name was given, or what became of "Dawson" the place, isn't recorded.

Eventually a new church was needed and the blessing of the present building was Sept. 29, 1918. No mention is made of when the building was begun. It is known that the bell from the first church is still in service.

In 1930, on Nov. 11th, near disaster, when there was fire in the vestry and sanctuary. By Feb. 12, 1931, cleaning and repairs accomplished and blessing of the new area.

Fire destroyed the rectory next door on May 24, 1935. Now there's a covered walk-way joining the rectory and church.

Over the entrance is a carved stone depicting the Crest of St. John.

Inside the decor is of palest green on the walls and crescent arched ceiling, with arched beams slightly darker; the carpet area gold color.

Three chancel windows are stained glass picture; 17 side ones have insets -- partial figures -- of saints.

There's blond wood furnishings in the modernized chancel; blue ceramic tile candlesticks on the altar match a panel down the front.

A public address system was installed about 1965, and their old reed pump organ was electrified in 1973.

The church hall is across the road complete with kitchen, where wedding receptions are held. It's set in spacious grounds where they still have old fashioned parish socials on Saturday in July. Afternoon and evenings, pony rides for children, games, food and dancing, it's a real parish get-together.

Rev. Leo Hermans is rector.

((c)) 1974; by Marion G. Rogers.) The Ottawa Journal

The Ottawa Journal


Illumination of the cross

Friday, May 15, 1987

In Memoriam of Raymond and Margaret McEvoy

By their Children Gerald, Howard, Madeline (Thompson), Vincent, Rev. Father Francis, Walter, Rev Sister McEvoy, Michael, Beatrice (Quinn), Dennis, Genevieve and Mary

Have jointly contributed to the illumination of the cross on the dome of Saint John the Evangelist church, Enniskerry, Osgoode.


Social in aid of St. John's

Monday, February 3, 2014
The Ottawa Journal July 7th 1951

Social in aid of St. John's Church, Prescott Road, Osgoode, Ont., on the church grounds, Saturday, July 7, 1951, Games, good music, choice country supper, Buses leave Colonial Coach terminal at 4.30. 75c return. Rev. James B. Finn, P.P.

The Ottawa Journal